Breaking with Consensus Reality: New Text Available from CrimethInc

CrimethInc has just finished publishing a new article, which we were proud to have helped layout and design into pamphlet form. Titled “Breaking with Consensus Reality: From the Politics of Consent to the Seduction of Revolution,” the article takes a deep look at the ways that “consent” as a framework gets trotted out in liberal political discourse. Continue reading

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Raleigh: Protesters Support Central Prison Strikers

(from NBC17 – more info at

RALEIGH, N.C. — A number of people staged a protest Sunday at Central Prison in Raleigh.

The protesters say eight prisoners have been in solitary confinement since December when they staged a sit-down strike over work conditions in the prison kitchen.

The men inside are known as the “Strong 8.” Continue reading

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Carrboro: Anarchists Seize Future CVS Building

The following is one account of the takeover of the building at 201 N. Greensboro St…

At approximately 3:30pm today, Feb. 4th, a group of about 50 demonstrators marched from a monthly Really Really Free Market to a nearby empty building owned by the CVS corporation.

Within minutes the crowd had taken over the building, hanging banners from the roof and windows, erecting tables outside with free food, and handing out welcome packets to passersby. Continue reading

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Breaking and Entering a New World: Video, Photos, and a New Article on the Chrysler Building Occupation

A new report from Crimethinc tells the story of the occupation of a derelict building in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on November 12-13, 2011, drawing on accounts from a wide range of participants. While anarchists and corporate media have circulated news of this action far and wide, the experiences shared inside the building have remained a sort of black box. This report opens up that box, just as the occupiers opened up the building, to reveal a world of possibility. You can read more and see a related video here.

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Police Raid Occupied Building with Guns Drawn

At aproximately 430 pm, one of the largest coordinated police actions in recent Chapel Hill/Carrboro history took place in downtown. After shutting off both ends of Franklin St. and establishing a perimeter around the building, a several dozen police with guns drawn raided the 10,000 square foot Chrysler building at 419 W. Franklin St. Both Chapel Hill and Carrboro Police participated, as well as the fire department. Continue reading

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THIS BUILDING IS OURS! Chapel Hill Anarchists Occupy Downtown Building

In the midst of the first general strike to hit the US since 1946, a group of comrades occupied a vacant building in downtown Oakland, CA. Before being brutally evicted and attacked by cops, they taped up in the window a large banner declaring, “Occupy Everything…”


Last night, at about 8pm, a group of about 50 – 75 people occupied the 10,000 square foot Chrysler Building on the main street of downtown Chapel Hill. Notorious for having an owner who hates the city and has bad relations with the City Council, the giant building has sat empty for ten years. It is empty no longer. Continue reading

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Raleigh, NC: Anarchists, Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation Join up to Protest NC Prisons

Due to the harassment and recent segregation of these members, as well as the constant targeting of politically active NC prisoners and the recent hunger strike in CA, the demo particularly focused on solitary confinement. Folks carried banners like, “Against Solitary – Love for All Prison Rebels,” “Solitary is Torture,” and “Against Prisons,” and shouted ALKQN chants and slogans against cops and prisons. Continue reading

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