Unforgiving and Inconsolable: Durham Against the Police, Collected Texts Winter 2013-2014

chuycomppicWe’re happy to announce that a new zine, Unforgiving and Inconsolable: Durham Against the Police is now available for download and printing. The zine compiles writings released in the heat of battle over the last few months, as three separate marches protesting the police detention and murder of Chuy Huerta brought the town’s distrust and anger with its police to the fore. New relationships were made while new ground was broken, which will hopefully continue as people continue to assemble and reflect upon the past few months. The following is from the zine’s introduction: Continue reading

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Text for The Lowry Wars

Hey yall, many folks asked to have just the text available from the Lowry Wars publication, so here it is. I havent taken a tremendous amount of time to reformat for wordpress, so there will be typos, as well as some footnote issues….for those i suggest going to the pdf version on the site here. I hope this is useful, nonetheless…. Continue reading

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New Zine Available: The Lowry Wars

Hey y’all,

Just in time for the 3rd Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair, we’re excited to announce that the NC Piece Corps has published a new zine (on the menu above). The Lowry Wars: attacking North Carolina’s plantation society in the age of Reconstruction surveys the turbulent eight years of struggle against White supremacy and the plantation system in Robeson County, NC after the Civil War. The passive resistance of Black and Lumbee communities of the time gave way to an aggressive campaign of attack against the White establishment of the time, all the while exposing the hypocrisy, limitations, and true function of the Republican Party’s Reconstruction efforts as it abandoned its attempts at racial reconciliation to subdue and repress the popular uprising. From the text: Continue reading

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Announcing the 3rd Annual Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair!

We are excited to announce the 3rd annual Carrboro Anarchist Bookfair for the weekend of November 10th. In the past two years these bookfairs have served as a gathering place and melting pot of radical ideas and texts, workshops and discussions, and action in our region. Long-time friends and comrades, book lovers and firebrands, and the openly curious are all invited to attend. Continue reading

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North Carolina: Prisoners at 3 Facilities Begin Hunger Strike

On Monday July 16th, prisoners at Central Prison in Raleigh, Bertie CI in Windsor, and Scotland CI in Laurinburg all began a coordinated hunger strike. The men have issued a series of demands revolving around food, healthcare, abuse by guards, and in particular for a return of prison law libraries, and are encouraging other prisoners to join in with their own actions and demands. They are also calling for the release of those on I-Con status and the abolition of separate control statuses. Continue reading

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Breaking with Consensus Reality: New Text Available from CrimethInc

CrimethInc has just finished publishing a new article, which we were proud to have helped layout and design into pamphlet form. Titled “Breaking with Consensus Reality: From the Politics of Consent to the Seduction of Revolution,” the article takes a deep look at the ways that “consent” as a framework gets trotted out in liberal political discourse. Continue reading

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Raleigh: Protesters Support Central Prison Strikers

(from NBC17 – more info at prisonbooks.info)

RALEIGH, N.C. — A number of people staged a protest Sunday at Central Prison in Raleigh.

The protesters say eight prisoners have been in solitary confinement since December when they staged a sit-down strike over work conditions in the prison kitchen.

The men inside are known as the “Strong 8.” Continue reading

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